Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hey Sweet Things! We’ve Got the Munchies!

Welcome to the sweetest spot on earth! Have you looked at anything yummy? Have you got the munchies yet? We do! We are so excited you have decided to visit us on our brand new website. Take your time and look around. We’ll wait. We hired a fancy photographer to take pictures of some of Steve’s yummy things. Steve is constantly coming up with new items to bake so we will update new photos a few times a year. We will always have different varieties of brownies, cupcakes, tarts, cakes, cookies and bread loaves etc. But we will also add a new item every month.

We’re going to keep you guys updated on what we’re up to every day on our blog and through Twitter and every month we will have a featured item. That item could be something old or something new, but we promise it won’t make you blue. Okay, Jana also promises not to make anymore bad jokes. Thanks again for visiting our site and we look forward to sweetening up your day.