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Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Summer

We are getting ready to celebrate our long weekend and we hope you are too!  Summer for us means lots of festivals and lots of face time with our customers.  I was telling my neighbor the other day how much Steve and I enjoy these festivals.  You get immediate feedback from your customers and plus you learn a little bit about people and their past and ‘their story’ along the way.  This Memorial Day we will honor all of our fallen soldiers and family members and friends who have served this country.  It doesn’t matter if you are pro-war, anti-war, a pacifist, a liberal, a republican or a member of the tea party, I think everyone can agree that all men and women who die while in service or decide to serve our country should be honored.  We are all human beings. Whether you stay at home in the a.c. or venture out to a park for a picnic or brave the crowds at the beach, please remember that we are all in this thing called life together.  Let’s be patient, kind and remember to listen to each other.  We all have something to say.  We all have a story.

Best bakery in Los Angeles

Is that statement too bold?  I don’t think so.  We’re so committed to making your experience amazing we will work 24/7 to make that happen.  We don’t have a publicist or a pr team working on our behalf.  It’s just us, our oven and our delicious ingredients.  Fresh Eggs, Real Butter, Delicious Rich Chocolate and our mixer.  We don’t hang our hat on 1 item.  We make delicious cupcakes, cakes, bundt cakes, brownies, cookies and mini bread loaves.  We are proud to be a small business. We like interacting with people and it helps us feel that much closer to the people in L.A. We do think we’re the best bakery in Los Angeles.  Try us out and we think you’ll whole-heartedly agree.

Los Angeles Cupcakes, Cookies, Bundt Cakes and Brownies

It’s hard to express to you all how every muscle and bone in our bodies ache after our whirlwind 24 hour adventure at the Silverlake Jubilee Festival.  We met thousands of people during our Sat/Sunday adventure.  We were a tent vendor up against national corporations like the Mrs. Beasley’s truck! We were a bit disheartened about being next to them, but decided to suck it up and do our best.  We know our stuff rocks.  It’s just a matter of getting the word and the samples out! We lost count of how many people took a sample of a brownie (frosted fresh on site!) or a cupcake or a cookie and immediately walked back to the tent to purchase something.  It was a great ego booster for Steve and reminded us that we are doing the right thing.  We have something to offer Los Angeles and the surrounding community.  We have a delicious product that is simple, elegant and tasty.  If we can’t pronounce it then we don’t use it in our stuff.  More than all of that though is the fact that we keep our prices reasonable.  We never raised our prices for the festival.  We kept everything recession proof.  We wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we thought we weren’t being fair to our customers.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our stuff, then by all means, browse the site, find something you like then have us deliver it right to your door.  The best thing about our business is meeting people like you.


YUM. Did my header get your attention?  I hope so!  Those are 3 of my favorite things in the world!  This weekend at the silverlake jubilee (see community page) we will have our tent up and table loaded down with our munchies.  We will have RV cupcakes, 2 different kinds of cookies and a gourmet brownie bar! You can get chocolate frosting, cream cheese frostings, sea salted caramel, bacon, confetti, nuts, toffee or even disco dust! Come on out to the festival, grab a beer, listen to some awesome local music and stop by our tent for some goodies or just to say hello.  If you can’t make the festival then we hope to see you next time.  Have a great weekend.


If I had a dollar every time someone said that to Steve I would be a rich woman. This usually happens at our local Farmer’s Market where Steve sells product and likes to connect with the community. They see his table of items and he usually suggests they try a Red Velvet cupcake which is our best seller. Lots of people respond that they “hate” Red Velvet and they don’t get the appeal at all. They claim they do not in any way get the swell of love for Red Velvet. They say that everytime they’ve tried it the cake has been dry or the frosting too sweet. Most of the time, Steve, offers to sell them a cupcake for $1 dollar to change their mind about Red Velvet. They usually accept and every. single. time. he receives a frantic phone call from the customer pleading with him to hide the rest of the Red Velvet so they can run back and buy him out. They can’t believe what they’ve been missing. Yes, it’s true, our Red Velvet is that good! Check us out today or this weekend visit us at the silverlake jubilee in los angeles california (more info on our community page!)

Moist Cake, Southern Treats and The Best Of

I learned a valuable lesson today from a customer. She was a die-hard customer of another bakery, but had heard thru a friend of a friend that our cakes were amazing and she should check us out. The new customer was hesitant to the point of waiting until the last minute to order for a party. I couldn’t understand her hesitation. We know our stuff is delicious, but it slowly dawned on me. Lots of people have been burned by bakeries. They have either gotten a dry cake or a yucky cake or something they did not order. It was an interesting revelation for me as I could not imagine serving something that isn’t perfect (or as close as we can get!). But our new customers do not know this about us yet. So I learned to be patient. Just because we know what we have is amazing, doesn’t mean people will automatically take our word for it! I grew up in the South and you might as well never go out again if you serve up something that isn’t moist and tasty. We do offer the Best of the Best. But you don’t know that yet. You will find out soon enough on your own time, that we are worth supporting and I look forward to all new customers becoming a regular.

Cupcake Delivery in Los Angeles, surrounding area and Pasadena

That’s right. We deliver! Everyone keeps asking us why we don’t hop on the ‘food truck’ craze and get our own truck. Well, it’s simple. Aren’t there enough cars on the road in Los Angeles? The more cars, the more trucks on the road the more pollution. These trucks just drive around all day, every day, looking for business. We decided we felt more comfortable selling our delicious products at local Farmer’s Markets and on our website. If someone wants to order something then we deliver it. We won’t be driving around all day looking for your business. It just doesn’t make sense to us. Plus, we are wary of fads. They tend to bite you in the butt. Our motto is and always will be to keep it simple. We’re not trying to be trendy or fancy. We just make delicious stuff. Try us out, we think you’ll agree.


The cookie monster was on to something when he revealed his obsession for cookies. Cookies are delightful. Cookies are delicious. Cookies are calorie controlled so you can’t go too hog wild. Cookies can have fruit. Cookies can have nuts. Cookies can have chocolate or coconut or any other fun thing you can think of! Here at Mardy’s Munchies our goal is to make our cookies the best cookies ever! People say the water in New York City is responsible for delicious NYC pizza, well we think the constant sunshine here in Los Angeles is responsible for our amazing cookies. We even have a cookie for vegans. Jana’s favorite cookie is actually the vegan chocolate banana cookie. And if ya’ll know Jana then you know she’s far from vegan. The bottom line is we throw open the windows, let the sun shine in, and let our happy baking hearts go to town. Order some happy cookies today!

Organic Sweets, Cupcakes, Brownies and other yummies

Hello web world! It’s so confusing out there in the media about what to eat and what not to eat. Should I only eat organic? Should I sometimes eat organic? Does it matter? It does matter. It matters to us as well. When promoting and running a bakery it is our responsibility to think about everything we put inside our products. We firmly believe a treat is a treat, but we also remember a time when things were much simpler, easier and cleaner. A time before chemicals and additives and preservatives. We always use organic fruit in our products and have started the switch to whole wheat flour and pure unbleached sugars. It matters. Real farm fresh eggs, farm fresh butter and as much love as we can pour into our product. The trick is to find the balance in your life. Eat healthy and still treat yourself to something sweet. I know some people cut everything that even resembles dessert out of their diet, but is that anyway to live an entire life? We believe in balance. Besides, the heart wants what the heart wants. Just make sure your heart leads you to something pure and delicious.

Betty White and Cupcakes

I know. I know. You’re wondering what in the heck Betty White and cupcakes have in common. Well I’ll tell you what! They are timeless! Both have been around for awhile and both get better and better as time rocks on. Cupcakes are calorie controlled. So is Betty White. Cupcakes make you happy. So does Betty White. You see the connection? Now go ahead and order some cupcakes and re-watch Betty White on SNL. Did you know you could be this happy? I did.