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Famous Cupcakes and Los Angeles

Apparently, word has gotten around about our El Sereno Margarita Cupcake.  We received word today that Danny Glover, an activist and actor, had re-tweeted our description of the Margarita cupcake from another twitter follower!  We are excited that you guys are excited!  We love coming up with new flavors to tempt your taste buds.  Look for another new flavor from us in August.  We would love to hear from you about any new flavors you would like to try.  Cupcake flavors or Cookie flavors, we are open to your suggestions. Have a fabulous Monday.

The El Sereno Margarita Cupcake

Meet our new summer cupcake!  It’s a lime cake with a tequila-lime frosting, dusted with salt and then we stuck a fresh lime wedge on top.  It’s like a mini vacation.  A staycation.  Close your eyes.  Take a big bite.  Imagine toes in sand.  Repeat as often as necessary.  These cupcakes are perfect for your next summer party.  They taste like fun.  They taste like summer.  They taste like happy.

World Cup(cakes)

USA! USA!  What a cool turn of events for the USA team.  The big game is on Saturday – are you stocked up with snacks for your friends?  We’ve got cookies, brownies, cupcakes, tarts, mini bundt cakes and don’t forget about our party platters.  We’ve got everything you need for your sweet tooth and your big party.  What could be more american than a yummy chocolate brownie or a delicious chocolate chip cookie?  Enjoy the big game and think of us for every party you host.

4th of July Highland Park Cupcakes

We are getting ready to debut our July cupcake flavor.  We are so excited about this cupcake.  It’s our ‘stay-cation’ cupcake.  You’ll understand why when we debut the flavor.  Times are so tough right now, it’s really hard to find the money to get away.  We completely understand, so we created a flavor that will help you get away, if only for a minute.  In the meantime, the 4th of July is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a red, white and blue cupcake? That’s right, We top our red velvet cupcakes with a blueberry for the holiday.  It’s the perfect way to have something tasty, be patriotic and become the life of the party by providing something so awesome to the bbque.  Have a great week and stay tuned for our new cupcake flavor for the summer!

Cupcake Delivery Los Angeles

Happy Monday everyone!  Today’s post is about the enormous selection of cupcake bakeries in Los Angeles.  Some people call them cupcakery’s.  The fun thing about living in a city as large as L.A. is you have a great big selection when it comes to your sweets.  When it comes to anything in L.A. you have a really big selection!  Despite all this competition, we think we make the best cupcakes in L.A.  Our cake is moist and our frostings are creamy.  We try not to get too fancy, but we make them pretty as a picture so you’re smiling even before that sweet stuff hits the roof of your mouth.  Everyone says they have the best, the tastiest, the most amazing cupcakes in L.A., but in this case we’re bragging for a reason.  Every single time Steve is out at the Farmer’s Market or someone orders cupcakes from the website, they call and gush over how amazing the cupcakes are.  We love that.  We love that people take the time to let us know how much they loved our product.  Not all bakeries in L.A. deliver, but we do!  We deliver every single item you see on our site.  L.A. is big and you’re busy, why add one more thing to your to-do list? We can help you mark an item off.  Just place the order and presto! We’re on the road with your goodies.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday and wherever you decide to satisfy that sweet tooth, we hope it’s worth every tasty crumb.

Happy Father’s Day

We wanted to wish all the guys out there a very happy Father’s Day!  Steve and I will be enjoying our 2 children on Sunday and Steve has requested Sushi for his special Father’s Day meal.  We will comply with his request and make his day as relaxing and special as he is.  We hope Father’s everywhere enjoy their special day.

Cookies, Lemons and Bittersweet Emotion

I wanted to write a post today to talk about Emotion and Food.  Food seems to be so wrapped up in our emotions and our emotions can be so wrapped up in food.  Don’t we all remember the first time we got an ice cream sandwich from the ice cream truck and we all stood there on hot pavement in those hot summer temps with the ice cream melting around our hands as fast as we could lick around the chocolate ‘bread’ of the ice cream sandwich.  Those kinds of memories for me always elicit a bittersweet feeling.  Bittersweet because as kids we are so innocent, so fresh , so untouched by the harsh conflicted realities of life.  As we grow up life rains all kinds of emotions on top of us and sometimes it’s hard to recapture that sweet innocence. I read a book recently where a young girl could taste the emotions of whomever had made her dish.  The book is called ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” by Aimee Bender.  The book details the young girls emotionally crippled family and how the young girl is privvy to emotions she otherwise wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be.  I know some critics have loved it and some have said it’s magical realism.  Personally, I think it’s pretty spot on.  I know I always pour my emotions into whatever I’m cooking and it affects how things taste.  Steve does the same thing.  One of the cutest things I noticed about him when we first met was that if he were nervous while baking for me, his cakes would always fall.  When he was mad at me, the frostings were never quite as sweet.  While the lemon cake in Aimee Bender’s novel has a particular sadness, our lemon cake has a particular happiness.  Our Lemon Cakes, Cookies, and Cupcakes are deliciously happy.  Gloriously, Outrageously, Happy.  We think it has to do with the California Sunshine.  Or maybe our daughter’s laughter has echoed thru Steve’s mixing bowls and found its way into the batter.  Whether it’s the laughter or the sunshine, we guarantee all of our Lemon Goodies will brighten up your day and remain in your memory as a fun family favorite.

Cupcake Delivery Los Angeles

I last wrote to you guys about delivering cakes all over Los Angeles and the surrounding area, but we also deliver cupcakes!  We deliver cupcakes, cookies, tarts, breads, brownies and probably anything else you can think up!  You are more than welcome to visit us at 2 locations during the week.  Year round On Tuesday’s we are at the Old L.A. Farmer’s Market from 3-8 and on Friday’s we are at the El Sereno Arts and Crafts Farmer’s Market from 4-8.  We hope to see you on Tuesday or Friday or any day of the week because we deliver right to your front door!!

Cake Delivery Los Angeles

That’s right.  We deliver! We deliver cupcakes, brownies, tarts, breads, cookies and all kinds of delicious cakes to the great people of Los Angeles and the surrounding area! Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Just-for-fun Cakes, Father’s Day Cakes, Mother’s Day Cakes, 4th of July Cakes.  You have an event?  We’re here for you!  Check out all of our items while you are browsing around.  Please bookmark our page and remember to check back at the beginning of each month as we reveal our new item.  It is our pleasure to introduce something new to our menu every single month.  Have a fabulous week and we look forward to delivering something right to your front door!

World Cup, World Class, World Wise

We are not big World Cup Fans in our house.  We can’t put our finger on it, but as a sports unifer for the world, we prefer the Olympics.  That isn’t to say that we don’t enjoy the World Cup.  We do.  We enjoy the entire length of it.  We enjoy how nutty L.A. gets.  We especially enjoy all the inflated soccer ball balloons floating around people’s yards.  Mostly though, we enjoy the tamales that our neighbor, Grandma Ramirez, makes for big events like the World Cup.  We have many local customers that are huge World Cup fans and we hope their team wins.  We were greatly amused by the article that said that U.S. players were stuck in a traffic jam.  By an elephant.  A hungry elephant chewing on a tree. What a great site that must have been!  Cheers to a world class event and Cheers to all of you as you root your favorite team to victory! Go Team USA!