Monthly Archives: September 2010

It’s hot up in here Los Angeles

Mardy’s Munchies will be taking a break from the Highland Park Farmer’s Market this week.  Los Angeles has hit a record high of 115 degrees downtown.  We don’t know about y’all, but we are not turning that oven on!  Beyond that, we are hoping everyone will stay where they are in front of a fan or an a.c. vent.  We’ll be back in a few days to tout our goodies and update you on anything going on in the neighborhood.  Stay cool y’all.

Cookies, Brownies, Yummy Stuff and Pigs

Yes, folks.  That headline can only mean one thing.  The Los Angeles County Fair is in town! We are heading to the fair this weekend.  Saturday to be exact.  Not as a vendor, but as a visitor.  We love the fair.  We love the wacky food, the animals, the gardens, the shows, the horse racing and Jana loves the wine tent.  Do you guys have a favorite wacky food at the fair?  Last year Jana tried a bacon wrapped fried twinkie.  And we have to say, it wasn’t very good.  I’m sure you’re not surprised, but we were willing to try anything and walked around with an open mind.  We hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and try something unique while you are out and about.  We will report back Monday with our food adventures.

Los Angeles cupcake delivery

We would love to be able to deliver to you in San Diego, but we’re just not set up and ready to do that.  We receive emails all the time from people asking if we will deliver far and wide.  The truth is we do deliver as far as Long Beach.  That’s almost 30 miles.  But beyond 30 miles, well we can’t really manage that.  We are a small bakery and our focus is quality not quantity.  We’re trying to get a foothold in Los Angeles, South Pasadena, Pasadena, Atwater Village, Glassell park, Highland Park – the more eastern areas of Los Angeles.  Being a web bakery is tougher than you think.  It would be so wonderful to have our very own storefront and very own kitchen to bake out of. Right now we just don’t have that.  We use a co-op kitchen like lots of mobile bakeries in Los Angeles. This is why we ask that you give us 8 hours notice for your order! Next Year we will focus on finding an investor and getting our American Style Community Bakery set up in a community that desperately needs a ‘neighborhood’ joint.  Don’t worry we will still deliver our goodies to you all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.  All you have to do is sit tight and email or call us!  Have a great Tuesday California!

Cool weather, pumpkins and cupcakes

We are so excited that Fall is on its way.  It’s truly our favorite time of the year.  We get to break out our scarecrows, pumpkin spice, apples and cinnamon.  The house smells delicious and so does the bakery.  It always makes me want to walk around in a dreamy state just sniffing things.  We have a pumpkin festival we will be attending in October.  We’ll post details later.  The next few weeks will be the last few weeks we will sell our lemon cupcakes and our margarita cupcakes.  Citrus doesn’t look so hot in the winter months despite California’s mild winter weather.  But you can look forward to lots of pumpkin cupcakes, cakes and other fall goodies.  Only a few more days of summer left, so order up those margarita cupcakes for your remaining summer parties.  Have a great week.

Cupcake Delivery L.A.

I like to remind you guys about once a week or once every 2 weeks that we deliver!  We provide this convenience because we know how hard it is to get around L.A.  Sometimes the traffic is unreal.  Seriously.  So why deal with it?  Just call or email us and we will deliver delicious cupcakes, cookies, tarts, cakes, bundt cakes, brownies anywhere you want.  We will also post every event we have coming up in the next few months so you guys can come on by and say hi.  We love to meet new folks.  Have a great weekend Los Angeles.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I ran across this really great blog called serious eats.  The blog is always detailing some fun food fact or hosting taste tests for something.  Over the weekend I found a link listing best chocolate chips for cookies.  I love that idea!  Here at Mardy’s Munchies we are always testing out new chocolate chips for cookies.  Each chocolate chip bakes differently and taste different cold and then baked.  It’s such a fascinating process, baking from scratch.  It’s truly like a science project.  I can’t even tell you how many batches of Red Velvet Cupcakes we’ve baked over the last year, but sometimes, every now and then a batch just doesn’t turn out.  We have no idea why.  A slight change in temperature?  The air in Los Angeles shifting.  Who knows?  But this chocolate chip taste test was of particular interest because so many people liked different things!  It’s why so many bakeries have the ‘best’ and so many people will fight tooth and nail with their friends and co-workers about ‘their’ place has ‘the best’.  Taste buds are a funny thing.  I will tell you we go out of our way to use a quality chocolate and high-end chocolate chips.  We definately have our preferences on chocolate chips.  Wherever you get your cookies, we hope you’ll give us a chance and put us somewhere in your top 3 of best chocolate chip cookies!

We Deliver to you

Just wanted to remind everyone out there that we deliver all over Los Angeles, Pasadena, downtown L.A. and surrounding areas.  We’ve even delivered to Malibu and Marina del Rey.  We want our customers happy and sometimes it’s just too difficult to think about adding a stop on your to-do list.  We’ve tried to simplify things and bring your goodies right to your door!  We’re taking a few days off this weekend to relax and enjoy the end of summer.  We are so excited to announce new fall items next week.  Come back to the blog or follow us on Twitter or Facebook and come on out and see us!  We love to meet new people.  As they say down south, “We don’t know any strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet.”