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Holiday Madness

Today is support a small business day!  We hope in the middle of your holiday madness that you are able to support a small business, a micro business, a mom and pop store or even a friend starting their own business. These people literally depend on you for their livelihood.  Our very own micro bakery is standing by for your holiday orders.  It’s never too early to plan for the holidays and what you will be baking or taking to someones home for the holidays.  Parties, small gatherings or just hanging at home watching a movie, we are here to deliver items right to your door.  Why go to cupcakes when cupcakes can come to you?  Whatever you do today, let’s all remember to be kind and helpful.  Have a great weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We will not be open or processing orders on Thursday or Friday.  We will be spending that time with our family.  We hope you are with your family as well.  If you are not with your family, then we sincerely hope you are with friends you love.  Here is a link to a fun history of Thanksgiving if you are curious at all about the origins of the holiday (just in case you skipped that class in school)

Have a great one!

with love – Mardy’s Munchies.

Best cupcakes in Los Angeles

We heard that phrase again yesterday!  We donated product to a fundraiser on Sunday to help raise money for a pre-school and we received a bunch of emails from people telling us that our cupcakes were the best in L.A.  Aw shucks y’ll.  We love it!  keep the comments coming.  If you have not had a chance to taste our delicious cupcakes, please order some up today– we deliver all over L.A. and Pasadena.  Why go to cupcakes when cupcakes can come to you?

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Los Angeles

We are knee deep in Pumpkin Recipes this week.  We’ve got pumpkin pies, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin baby bundt cakes, mini pumpkin cheesecake.  You name it then we’ve got pumpkin in it!  This, like most bakers, is our favorite time of the year.  The weather is perfect, the smells can’t be beat and everywhere you turn people are happy.  Well, at least until the hit the airport and get stuck in those lines!  We don’t know if you’ve even had a chance to pull together a Thanksgiving menu for yourself.  We have mixed feelings about Martha Stewart and some of her recipes, but we absolutely agree with her post about the perfect Thanksgiving menu.  We’ve linked it here so you can take a gander.  Don’t forget to order up your pumpkin pie from us or pumpkin cupcakes or anything else pumpkin you can think of.  Mardy’s Munchies is here for you and standing by for your order.

Susan Feniger, Sam Adams and Mardy’s Munchies

Susan + Sam + Us = excellent food, excellent beer and excellent sweet treats!  Susan Feniger and her restaurant STREET has graciously donated delicious apps to a fund raiser for the totally cool The Garden Co-op Nursery School. Sam Adams has donated beer and we donated dessert.  The event will be held this Sunday, Nov 14, 2010 starting at 6:30.  You can buy tickets for $15 and that gets you all the beer and food and desserts you can eat. You also get the opportunity to bid on wonderful door prizes and while you’re doing all of this, you are helping to raise money for a pretty cool school. We hope to see you there and if we do, please tap us on the shoulder and say hello.

Cake Delivery Los Angeles and Pumpkin Pie

Hello Everyone!  Happy Voting Day.  Have you voted yet?  Go on out there and cast your vote if you haven’t had time yet.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking it doesn’t matter, it does matter.  At least we think it does anyway.  Anyway, We wanted to remind you guys that we deliver and bake the freshest, BEST cakes in all of Los Angeles.  Just give us a call and off we go.  We have quite a selection.  We know you order our cupcakes all the time, but we make delicious cakes as well.

We also wanted to tell you guys about our delicious pumpkin pie that we are baking up for the holidays.  It’s a spicy pumpkin pie.  Ya know how some pumpkin pie’s are just bland?  Not ours.  Ours has just the right amount of spice and tang.  Pair up that spice and tang with a buttery crust and yummy! Order one today and serve it up at your Thanksgiving dinner or send one to a friend as a gift.  Happy Tuesday y’all.