Monthly Archives: January 2011

Vegan Cookies

Okay, so we are not a Vegan Bakery.  But we have lots of Vegan friends!  We also have lots of Vegan customers at our local farmer’s markets.  We were determined to make something delicious and vegan for our friends and customers.  And it looks like we are successful!  Check out this review of our delicious Vegan Chocolate Cookie.  It’s Jana’s favorite cookie and she’s definately not Vegan.  We’ve had such a huge response to this cookie that Steve got busy and created a 2nd Vegan cookie.  The new Vegan Cookie is called ‘Kanessa’s Coconut Cookie’.  Kanessa’s Coconut Cookie is a delicious blend of bananas, coconut and chunks of mango.  Both Cookie’s are available on our site now.  We deliver all over Los Angeles, Pasadena and the Valley.  We deliver to Malibu and sometimes beyond.  We also ship all of our cookies.  Why don’t you try us out today?  We promise you will not be disappointed.

The Weather

Is it wrong to gloat about the weather?  We’re sorry in advance to our east coast friends, but it is glorious right now in Southern California.  A great weekend for a picnic or just strolling around looking at the blue, blue sky.  We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Valentine’s Day gifts

It’s already Valentine’s Day?  You know when you are a kid how the summers last forever and it takes years for Christmas to come around again?  The sayings are true, the older you get, the faster time flies.  That said, we hope we can help you this year.  The history of Valentine’s Day is very interesting and I’ve provided a link here so you can educate yourself. The bigger question is what to buy your sugar pie?  You can always go to a store and buy a box of candy, but why not purchase a big box cupcakes wrapped in a big red ribbon?  Or how about triple chocolate baby bundt cakes?  What about brownies with sea salt and caramel?  Or how about a dozen cookies or ruby red raspberry tarts?  Whatever your fancy, take a look at what our bakery has to offer and go wild!  As with all holidays, Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year.

The New Year Resolutions

Happy 2011 Everyone!  Yes we are late in sending out our Happy New Year Greeting in the Bloggy World.  Sorry about that.  We have been strategizing and organizing and brain storming for this New Year.  We here at Mardy’s Munchies have renewed and will redouble our efforts to bake and deliver the best baked goodies you’ve ever had.  We will continue to focus on our customers and customer service. We will continue to participate in local farmer’s markets, local coffee shops and local food festivals.  We still feel this is the best way to get the word out about our treats and to interact with the public. Next year we will focus on funding to get our very own storefront.  With or without a storefront, our commitment remains the same.  Delicious product and friendly service delivered right to your door.  Why go to cupcakes when cupcakes can come to you? Have a great week everyone.