Monthly Archives: February 2011

New cupcakes

It’s fun to come up with new cupcakes.  The challenge is getting the recipe perfect. There are lots of hits and misses in the kitchen, but that’s part of the adventure.  Sometimes we end up with something very different than we intended and that’s ok.  If you have a hankering for a traditional cupcake or an adventurous cupcake, please try us out today.  We deliver all over los angeles, including downtown l.a., the valley, pasadena and more.

Best Red Velvet Ever

People tell us that all the time.  And you know what?  It’s true.  We get more people calling about Red Velvet Cake and cupcakes than any other product we make.  I think one reason is because Steve uses a true Southern Red Velvet Recipe.  When I was pregnant he went thru about 8 batches of recipes to find the perfect one.  No one in Los Angeles (possibly California) understands a true southern red velvet recipe.  Everyone is so scared of a rich, thick frosting.  But why?  Cake is unique in that it is fun. It has no nutritional value and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is.  It exists purely for pleasure. No one should gorge on cake every day – although I could!  But as a treat, nothing for me comes even close to Steve’s Red Velvet Cupcakes.  They are perfection in a cupcake wrapper.  Don’t believe me?  Try some today!  If you want to read more about Southern Red Velvet recipes, please take a gander at this fun article. Have a great Wednesday y’all.

Cake Delivery L.A. (yep we deliver cakes right to your door)

The headline says it all.  Cake Delivery L.A.  We deliver cakes right to your front door! How cool is that?  It’s someone’s birthday or you’re having a dinner party and you need cake!  Or maybe you need cupcakes or brownies or cookies or an entire party platter?!  It’s so easy – you just log on to our site, Mardy’s Munchies, find what you need, click, purchase and voila! You’re done. Whatever you ordered will be delivered wherever and whenever you want it to go!  No fuss. No muss.  No hassles.  No traffic.  No wasting time.  No grocery stores or driving. You have quite enough to do, so we’re here for all your sweet needs.  Have a great weekend everyone.