Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mardy’s Munchies and Yelp

Who knew Yelp was so powerful?  We received about 5 phone calls this week from people out of state wanting to order a b-day cake or cupcakes for someone they love in Los Angeles.  We asked the usual questions, ‘how did you find us’, ‘why did you choose us’ etc.  We like to keep track of these things.  Every single customer said their decision was made because of our Yelp reviews. We took a gander at Yelp and what do you know?  People are saying nice things.  We didn’t know people were really swayed by those kind of things, but I guess it makes sense.  I know alot of people get burned by bakeries for dry cakes and breads and they end up disappointed.  We are happy to say that aside from a quality baked good, customer service is our number one priority.  We want you to feel special.  Please email us if you want to suggest a menu item, offer up a suggestion or just to chat!  But if you want to review our product, please feel free to Yelp about us! We really appreciate it.

Cupcake Delivery Eagle Rock

Divine intervention.  It’s true.  Steve was on a delivery today and got a bit lost in Eagle Rock.  He was looking for the correct office for a student he was delivering a party platter to. He was looking at his map intently, when suddenly a young woman walked up and offered help.  Steve was grateful for the help and started chatting with her.  He noticed she had something in her hands.  When he inquired about it, she unrolled the paper and he saw that it was a drawing of Julia Childs!  His hero, his reason for baking, his goddess and inspiration!  How cool that lost in a city as big as L.A., a girl on her way to class can not only stop and offer help, but that she shares your love of baking and Julia Childs.  What a wonderful delivery that turned out to be!  Here’s hoping divine intervention is present on every delivery we have.