Monthly Archives: April 2011

We are not a Cupcakery. We are a Bakery.

I specify this because a cupcakery deals solely in cupcakes.  We are a full-on Bakery.  We not only have delicious cupcakes, but we also have delicious fruit tarts with a streusel topping.  We have scrumptious dark chocolate brownies.  We make yummy dessert bars.  We have cookies and baby bread loaves and we also do cakes.  We take special requests and no order is too large or too small.  We are your neighborhood bakery and we are here to serve you!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Easter came so late this year, can you believe Mother’s Day is 2 weeks away?  We were stunned when we looked at the calendar.  If you haven’t had a chance to think about something nice for your mother, please consider ordering something from Mardy’s Munchies. Our bite-sized mini cupcakes are a wonderful way to send something sweet without ‘overloading’ on sugar.  Of course if cupcakes aren’t your moms thing, then we also have delicious cookies, tarts, breads and brownies to choose from.  Can’t make a decision?  Then order a party platter – it has a taste of almost everything on it!  We deliver all over L.A. and the surrounding area.  Get your order in early to insure a smooth delivery.  Have a great Monday everyone.

Party Platters are the new Black

It’s true!  Can’t decide what to order for your next party? Not sure what to send that co-worker or loved one?  Order a party platter!  It goes with anything and for anyone.  You get a choice of 2 cupcakes, 2 tarts, 2 cookies and 2 kinds of brownies.  When you order a party platter you get just a little bit of everything.  And sometimes bite-sized, snack-sized treats are the way to go.

Honoring Someone You Love

It’s a tricky thing when you end a marriage, go thru a divorce, work thru custody and then move on with your life.  You establish and build relationships with your ex’s family and friends.  Where do those relationships go?  They don’t always end when the marriage does. Steve is proof of that.  When his marriage to Pam ended, Steve wanted to remain close to his father-in-law and mother-in-law.  They were good to him and he didn’t want to just pull the plug.  On the other hand, he was moving forward and physical distance and life got in the way.  Steve was always happy to see his ex father-in-law and mother-in-law, but after awhile he didn’t really go out of his way to call them or try to see them if he was in their town.  They were still important to his life as active grandparents to Steve’s son, Blake. But for Steve, other relationships just took their place.

Today, Steve’s ex mother-in-law passed away.  It’s a strange emotion to mourn and grieve someone who was such a large part of your life for so long and yet for the last 5 years you haven’t really spent much time with them.  Steve immediately called his ex and offered his condolences, along with his ex father-in-law.  In each phone call, they shared memories and thoughts and regrets.  Steve’s son will be greatly affected by her death and Steve is wishing (with all of his heart) that his son doesn’t have to go thru this particular life lesson.

Her name was Chris.  Her favorite cake was Strawberry Cake.  In honor of her, Steve has decided to rename our Strawberry Cake to Chris’ Strawberry Fields Cake.  Can you guess who her favorite band was?  We know the cake name change doesn’t affect you very much as a customer, but to our family it will hold great meaning every time Steve goes to slice a strawberry.  Cheers Chris.