Best Bakery in LA

Okay, we said it.  And we stand behind it!  Steve is repeatedly told he has the best cupcakes by his customers who drive over an hour sometimes to see him at the local farmer’s markets.  Then he has his fruit tart fans, then he has his brownie fans, then he has his coffee cake fans and cookie fans and banana loaf fans.  Everyone swears their ‘favorite thing’ is the best thing he makes.  Which made me start to wonder, if everyone swears by their favorite then simply everything he makes is superior.  He had a customer ask him last night – ‘Steve – is there anything you make that just sucks?’  – The answer dear customer is no.  Every single thing that comes out of Steve’s kitchen is stellar.  Don’t believe us?  Give us a try.

One thought on “Best Bakery in LA

  1. Rosie

    My hubby and I met awesome Steve for the first time yesterday at the Farmers
    Market and check out the awesome creations that he had on display. My hubby and
    I have never been cupcake fans BUT we were able to get our hands on the
    toffee chocolate dipped in chocolate ganache and OMG it was soooo delicious, my
    hubby and I were fighting over the crumbs. We live over 300 miles away and would
    be more then willing to take the trip to get some more of these heavenly creations.
    Looking forward to our next expirence with Mardy’s Munchies

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