Cake delivery Los Angeles

We’ve been swamped with cupcake and cookie orders recently, but we wanted to remind you guys that we also make DELICIOUS CAKES!  Cakes are great for birthday’s or office parties.  We deliver our cakes all over Los Angeles.  Think of us for your next party, event or weekend gathering.

Wedding Cake Los Angeles

The answer is Yes.

A bunch of you have written us asking if Steve is making our wedding cake.  Yes he is.  He doesn’t normally make wedding cakes and this one won’t be traditional.  He’s making a simple lemon cake with raspberry filling and a lemon chiffon buttercream.  We wanted something light on a hot summer day.  He’ll make a simple base then one simple round on top.  We’re then going to surround the cake w/fresh flowers and put some fresh flowers on top for color.  As a bonus for our wedding guests, Steve is making mini peanut butter chocolate cupcakes and red velvet (in honor of my southern family).

We’re looking forward to a beautiful day in Los Angeles followed by a fun reception poolside.  If you are looking for something tasty and affordable for your event, please think of us.

Wedding and then a Honeymoon

Hello Mardy’s Munchies followers.  Please note that we will not be accepting orders from Friday July 15 thru Wednesday July 20th.  Why you ask?  Well – we are getting married , officially hitched, tying the knot and then heading off to a lovely albeit short honeymoon.  We will back in business on Thursday morning July 21 at 9am.  We’ll help you then and we hope you have a lovely week.

4th of July Cupcakes

We are celebrating 4th of July with our delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Red cake, white cream cheese frosting and festive red, white and blue sprinkles and flags on top.  Did we mention that our cupcakes are southern red velvet and not that weird imitation you get at some places?  If you have never tried our red velvet, do yourself a favor and order some up for yourself , your friends, family or even your office!  We will be closed on Monday the 4th, but you can order today for delivery on Saturday or Tuesday.  Have a great holiday weekend from Mardy’s Munchies.

Our cookies were mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings!

We are so excited over here at Mardy’s Munchies!  Our cookies got a shout out in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings!  We put together mini-cookie bags for adult welcome boxes and the cookies were mentioned in a blurb.  You can read the blurb here. We work so hard and being a small bakery we do not have a p.r. team or a marketing team.  It’s just us.  When things like this happen it makes all of our hard work worth it. Someone noticed us.  It’s all because of you guys.  You support the bakery and you say great things about us, what more can a company ask for?

Lummis Day and Mardy’s Munchies

Our first summer festival is finally here. It’s called The Lummis Day Festival.  What is a Lummis?

Well – Lummis Day was named after Charles Lummis.  He was an author, adventurer and early advocate of multiculturalism. He also founded the Southwest Museum which was the very first public museum in Los Angeles. He was the first city editor of L.A. Times and one of the city’s first and most influential librarians.  Charles Lummis also firmly believed that a man should build a home with his own hands.  During more than 15 years of construction, he did just that.  His incredible home in Highland Park is now a museum which is open to the public on weekends and offers free admission. Read more about the Lummis Home here –
This weekend at the Lummis Day Festival – there will be festivities at the Lummis Home and also across the bridge at the Historic Heritage Square Museum.  Admission is free and so is the shuttle!  There will be live music, poetry, an art exhibit, dancers, community tables, food and stuff for kids.
If we haven’t seen you in awhile, please consider coming to the Lummis Day Festival this Sunday June 5th.  It’s truly a fun day to venture into the history of Los Angeles.  We will have our tent set up and our table loaded with lots of delicious goodies for sale.
We will have cupcakes, brownies, cookies, tarts and baby banana bread loaves.
Learn more about The Lummis Day Festival and get the music lineup here –
Have a great week and we hope to see you this Sunday.

Lummis Day is almost here!

Hello festival goers!  Lummis Day is almost here.  We will proudly be serving our yummy goodies at this festival on Sunday June 5th from 10a-5pm.  This festival is such a blast and is truly one of our favorites.  Live Music, poetry, art exhibits, activities for children and delicious food.  Entry to this festival is FREE! Click on this link about Lummis to read more about Lummis Day and the festival.  We hope to see all of you there.  If you do come to the festival, please stop by the tent and say hello.  We would love to see all of your faces.

Beverly Hills and the new Black

Beverly Hills sometimes gets a bad wrap as being elitist and snobby.  We have quite a few customers who call over to our side of Los Angeles and want speciality cakes.  Most of the folks we deal with are quite lovely.  It could be because we provide a sweet service.  Speciality cakes are all the rage lately.  We don’t have any pictures of Steve’s speciality cakes on the site, but quite a few are posted on our Facebook Page.  If you have a need for a speciality cake, then please give us a shout. Is this a trend?  Are speciality cakes the new black?  We’re not sure, but you guys challenge us with every request.  Bring it on!


What a controversy this movie has stirred up among women! Some women feel as if all women should support the movie to send a message to Hollywood that women go to the movies too, not just 14 year old boys.  Other women don’t want to go because they feel like the movie is too raunchy and they want to support ‘good’ movies.  I have not seen the movie, but I plan too.  I so rarely get out, my sweet partner, Steve, will be watching our daughter while I enjoy an extremely rare night out.  We say however you feel about this movie, order some cupcakes, grab a drink and talk about social responsibility with your girlfriends.  Or just dish about anything you want! Being in Momland all the time, I realize the thing I miss the most is my girlfriend time. Have a great weekend ladies.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mardy’s Munchies would like to wish every single Mom, Stepmom, Grandmother, Aunt etc a very Happy Mother’s Day.  There are not enough words in the English Dictionary to describe how amazing my mom is.  We’ve tried to give tribute to Steve’s Mom, Mardell.  Yes our little bakery was named after her, Mardy for short  – hence Mardy’s Munchies. We pay tribute to both of them. I am lucky to still have my mother with us, but Mardy passed away a few years ago.  We toast our Moms and all Moms today and every day.